6:30 pm - 8:15 pm

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Our youth ministry exists based on the understanding that teens need to form connections in three areas: with God, with other teens, and with the church. 


Our goal is to help foster these connections to help young people continue growing toward spiritual maturity while in our youth group. 

Crosswalk weekly on Wednesdays 

upcoming youth activities:
Winter Retreat at Skyview Ranch     Feb. 11-13  

Youth Leaders


A big part of our philosophy of youth ministry is that it is vital for teens to have caring adults in their lives who can be friends, mentors, and godly influences.  This is the goal of our youth leaders as they come alongside the families that make up our youth ministry.  

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Brandon and Becky Cooper

Brandon grew up at First Baptist and has been involved in church leadership for years.  He and Becky were married in 2014. Together they led a young couples Sunday school class before joining the youth leadership team. Because of their passion for teen ministry, they instantly made an impact on the group.  


Don and Debby Carr

Don and Deb were so excited to step into their roles as Youth Leaders. They bring sound life wisdom and an impressive energy and excitement to diversify and challenge the group.  They have a huge heart for youth ministry and have life experience mentoring teens through some of the most important years of their lives.