Cubbies is not meeting this club year.


4th Quarter Theme Nights

Contest: Lollipopalooza

Each clubber must bring a form signed by a parent saying they practiced their section 5 minutes 5 days that week. Clubbers will receive a sucker

for turning in that signed form. Clubbers will also receive a sucker for each section they complete in their handbooks. The stick of each sucker will be a certain color on the bottom. The color determines how many extra shares they will receive that night. Any clubber who brings in their form at least 6 of the 8 weeks will receive a larger lollipop at the end of

the contest! Color Values: Red = 1 share, Blue = 2 shares, Green = 3 shares, Yellow = 4 shares 

March 31 - Crazy Hat Night

Wear a crazy hat - feel free to make your own

April 7 - Leader Favorites Night

Leaders' favorite songs, games, Bible verses; one will tell their favorite Bible story.

April 14 - Love Your Leader Night

Express your appreciation for your Sparks leaders.

April 21 - Frisbee Fling

Gametime with frisbees.

April 28 - Outer Space Night

Games such as Planet Ring Toss; glow sticks and flashlights.

May 5 - Jungle Night

Jungle games and food.

May 12 - Grab Bag Night

Earn one grab bag, filled with surprises, for each section passed

(up to 5 bags).

May 19 - Ruler Night

Earn a share for bringing any measuring tool.  Gametime winners decided by measuring.


4th Quarter Theme Nights


March 31 - Egg-citing News

April 7 - Balloon Gametime

April 14 - Fruit of the Spirit

April 21- Zany Zoo Night

April 28 - M &M Madness

May 5 - PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens)

May 12 - Autograph Night

May 19 - Honor Graduates


We are confident you will find our church warm and inviting, because it is a place where we strive to show people the love of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught us that no matter what your background, habits, or experiences; His desire is to know you, and for you to know Him. 




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