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Our Youth Ministry seeks to provide a place for you to grow in your walk with Christ, connect with other believers, and serve people in need in our community.  Look at the Youth Ministry Overview page to find information about our scheduled events.  

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Cost: $50 per person; scholarships are available


Youth Ministries


  • Sunday School: Sunday school is an important time for spiritual growth in the life of a teen. The classes are designed to meet the spiritual needs of the different stages of teen life. Sundays 10:00-10:45am Learn More
  • Wednesday Night Crosswalk: Live Music. Bible Study. Friends. For Junior High and High School students, Wednesdays 6:30-8:15pm Learn More
  • JWalkers: Teens who have musical and vocal talent make up the youth band, JWalkers. They perform special music on occasion for the Sunday morning worship. They lead singing every Wednesday during CrossWalk.
  • Acts of Service: Teens are invited to serve in the church in a variety of ways. They are often asked to do special music for the Sunday worship services. Qualified teens help out once a month in Beginner church and the AWANA program. They have also helped to serve in Ladies' luncheons, banquets, and as ushers during the Sunday worship services.
  • Year-Round Activities: Each month the leaders plan a fun activity that is usually away from the church. It provides an opportunity for the teens to get to know each other better and to bring to friends in a non-church setting.
  • Summer Activities: During the summer, CrossWalk is held at the homes of various church families. We'd love to have you join us for food, music, Bible lessons, and games. In addition to weekly meetings, teens have opportunities for week-long trips and camps that serve to get teens out of routine and comforts of everyday life. It is a time to turn their eyes, ears, and hearts toward God and His Word.

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